August 15, 2009

Korean Independence Day

Ahhh, a chance to celebrate what Korea is most famous for. The Pepsi logo and New York City’s Washington Arch.  

The thing that surprised us most is that Google’s top logo artist, Dennis Hwang, is Korean himself. At first we thought something may have been lost in translation with this one, until it dawned on us that this logo is commentary on how Google’s own “glocalization” of the internet has made national iconography a relic of an isolationist past. Sure, it reads “Goonle,” but perhaps that Engrish-ization of the word Google is the true genius of this piece.

Today’s rating: GOOGL (out of a possible GOOGLE)

August 14, 2009

Hans Christian Ørsted’s Birthday

Insider sources tell me Google has been saving this logo for years, but they’ve finally accepted the fact that “Make a Pipe Bomb out of Household Objects Day” is never going to become a national holiday.

While we don’t necessarily agree with the message of this one, it’s hard to deny the artistry behind it. This is the fourth solid logo we’ve seen this month, and the question is on everyone’s mind: can Google keep up its white hot streak, or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?

Today’s rating: GOOGL (out of a possible GOOGLE)

August 12, 2009

Perseid Meteor Shower

Today’s logo is, in a word, stellar. And I would say “no pun intended” but there’s no way for me to pretend that pun wasn’t intended. 

Apart from the overt sexuality of all those giant sperms falling to Earth (I’m especially digging the one impregnating the O), this Google logo gives us what we like here at Happy Googleday: more logo, less Google. Nothing’s more frustrating than seeing the regular Google logo with nothing more than a beach ball replacing the O. Sure, it was fine in 1999, but our tastes have evolved. That’s why we love today’s logo: the word “google” is literally transparent, directing almost no attention away from the unsuspecting houses which are about to be decimated by hundreds of falling meteors.

Is today’s logo a tribute to an astronomic event, or a viral marketing gimmick for an upcoming sequel to Deep Impact? It doesn’t matter. It’s rad.

Today’s rating: GOOGL (out of a possible GOOGLE)

August 10, 2009

Google Logos in the Media

Finally getting some of the respect they deserve, Google Logos are popping up everywhere these days, including a recent prime time episode of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

This particular contestant had to use two lifelines to get the correct answer, which referenced this phenomenal Google logo:

Readers: if you know this man, or even if you just happen to see him on the street somewhere, remind him that he should be ashamed for not keeping up with his Happy Googleday.

August 9, 2009

Singapore National Day/Bolivian Independence Day

We have already seen tons of fireworks Google logos, and these two back-to-back additions don’t really add much to the exploding logo canon. Then again, there’s only so much you can do with weak-ass holidays Singapore National Day and Bolivian Independence Day. It is our hope that when Google inevitably takes over the world, all of these vaguely similar national celebrations be combined into one holiday. A holiday known only as… Happy Googleday.

Today’s rating: GOO (out of a possible GOOGLE)

August 5, 2009

Ilya Repin’s Birthday

I have but one word:


Who was Ilya Repin? Was he the Aquaman of Eastern Europe? Was he the king of the mermaids? Is he the guy holding a bubble machine where the ‘g’ should be? I won’t kill this beauty by overanalyzing it.  Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: you guys are getting something special when you use the world’s finest search engine today.

Today’s Rating: GOOGL (out of a possible GOOGLE)

August 1, 2009

Swiss National Day

After the mess that was July, Google is picking up the pieces and started this month off right.

We talked about cop outs in the last post, and it appears Google took notice. We’ll think of today’s logo as a “cop out 2.0.” A background, some nuanced texture and lighting give this logo the edge over last month’s first logo, the shameful Canada Day.

Props, Google. August is generally slump time for just about everything from TV to Fashion, but you’re not everyone else. You’re freaking google.

Today’s Rating: GOOG (out of a possible GOOGLE)

The Roundup: July 2009

The roundup is where we present all of the Google Logos we didn’t have a chance to review individually for each month.

July 2009 saw a burst in what we refer to as “cop outs”— Google Logos in which only one or two letters of the logo are changed:

These logos represent the pinnacle of human laziness. Google design corps, I understand you’re busy people. Deadlines come up quicker than you expect, and you end up throwing some clipart over the classic logo at the last minute because you forgot it was Uruguay’s independence day. I can’t fault you for that. But I would like to remind you that I have significant design experience, and I am available to pick up the slack.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad this month. Let’s take a look at some of July’s winners:

Solar Eclipse: a bit too similar compositionally to the moon landing logo, but nonetheless a good effort to please those in the eastern hemisphere. They’re a lot less sophisticated about Google Logos anyway.

Bastille Day: I have no idea what’s going on here, but I’m not surprised that France is still leading the Google Logo world in sexual imagery.

Tanabata Lover’s Holiday: apparently this is the Japanese Valentine’s day (according to an estimate I am making based on zero research). Unfortunately, this logo was overshadowed by the infamous Pinocchio Debacle, which aired in Italy on the same day.

A fairly low-key month for Google logos. We saw a few duds and a few surprises, but the overall quality of this month’s logos was, if nothing else, consistent. Thankfully we’ve gotten some inside information that August is going to be a month of contenders.